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AccuStaff Our Story

Our story

Founded in 1983, AccuStaff is a trusted provider of talent and career opportunities to the businesses and job seekers we serve. While we are locally owned, we are part of a $27 billion global HR solutions company ranked number one in the world. This is a key differentiator that enables us to deliver a high standard of customer service powered by the knowledge and resources of a proven industry leader.

When you partner with AccuStaff, you will put a company with a strong history of success and a passion for delivering exceptional service behind your hiring initiatives.

AccuStaff Our Story

A staffing partner committed to your success

At AccuStaff, we are committed to making the best matches for our clients and candidates—and it starts with relationships. As a local staffing company, we get to know our customers and the factors that underscore their success. With a clear understanding of their work goals, we provide the talent and opportunities that keep them progressing.

Our commitment to clients: AccuStaff will help you build a talented and engaged workforce that drives productivity and performance in support of your staffing goals.

Our commitment to candidates:AccuStaff will connect you to rewarding job opportunities that match your skills and experience, while helping you map out a career path that caters to your goals.

AccuStaff Our Story

Our vision & values

At AccuStaff, our vision is to be the go-to staffing provider businesses and job seekers rely on to achieve their work goals. Why? Because we have invested time getting to know them; we understand their needs; we respond to their priorities; and we consistently provide the best talent and career opportunities. In support of our vision, there are five core values that define the way AccuStaff does business:

1. KnowledgeWe will get to know our clients and candidates, the qualities that make them unique and the factors that determine their success.

2. ServiceWe will consistently provide excellent service to our customers with the end goal always being to exceed expectations.

3. RespectWe will treat others with respect and nurture relationships both inside and outside our organization, so that every individual feels valued.

4. InnovationWe will stay up to date with the latest industry trends and developments, ensuring our customers’ needs are met with the best tools, technology and solutions.

5. Social responsibilityWe will be socially responsible in all that we do, so that our business is a benefit to society as well as our customers.

AccuStaff Our Story

Celebrating the differences that make us strong

AccuStaff is a local staffing firm with a commitment to helping companies build a diverse workforce that promotes inclusion and recognizes the value of every employee.

We believe there is significant value in creating a work culture characterized by a diverse array of skill sets, experiences and backgrounds. To this effort, our recruiting methods and vendor relationships promote inclusion across all minority groups. And, we help our clients do the same, enabling them to strategically meet diversity goals and build a stronger, more dynamic workforce.

As an employer, we are dedicated to helping individuals of every background, culture and belief apply their skills to opportunities that not only complement their skills, but value their differences.

AccuStaff is also a proud supporter of women and minority-owned businesses. In fact, many of our franchise owners are certified Woman Business Enterprises (WBE).