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When it’s time to hire, you have options.

No staffing need is exactly the same, so why should your solution be? At AccuStaff, we believe the right hiring solution is the one that meets your needs. Whatever that looks like—temporary, temp-to-hire or permanent—you can count on our team to deliver the right talent at the right time to maximize results. That’s the value of AccuStaff, a staffing partner who can.

AS Business Our Services


Whether day to day or quarter to quarter, workforce variables change. From employee illnesses and family leave to vacations and peak seasons, there are a myriad of reasons a temporary staffing solution may be right for your business. With AccuStaff, you’ll have on-demand access to skilled candidates, ready to step in and meet the immediate needs in your workplace.

AS Business Our Services

Temp-to-hire jobs

You know you need to make a new hire, but you want to make sure it’s the right person before you fully commit. Maybe there are unknowns that need to be worked out, or you’re still in the process of getting a position approved. Whatever the reason, a temp-to-hire solution can be an ideal option for your business. Let AccuStaff deliver the temp-to-hire talent you need to move forward confidently.

AS Business Our Services

Direct placement

When you’re ready to make a permanent hire, AccuStaff can make the process simple and seamless. Locally owned, our staffing team has strong ties to the skilled talent in our community, and we know where to go to find the best people for your permanent positions. Put the resources of a local staffing expert behind your next hire!

AS Business Our Services

The groundwork for a great hire

When you work with AccuStaff, you can rely on our team to do all of the groundwork required to make the best hire for your business. We don’t just cast a net and hope to capture the right candidate; we employ a full set of screening, assessment and selection tools to ensure we do. Our talent selection process includes:

  • Prescreening
  • Aptitude tests
  • Skill assessments & evaluations
  • Personality profiles
  • Behavioral interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks
  • Drug screens
  • Credential verifications
Ensuring safety in the workplace

Ensuring safety in the workplace

You should never have to worry about whether an employee is safe or not—and we go to great lengths to ensure they are! At AccuStaff, safety is our highest priority, and it’s one that the American Staffing Association and the National Safety Council recognize and applaud with the Safety Standard of Excellence mark.

Staffing with high safety standards

Staffing companies that participate in the Safety Standard of Excellence Program voluntarily undergo a rigorous assessment process by an independent third party that scrutinizes corporate policies and procedures. Results are then validated across a sampling of offices. Those that measure up and adhere to their high standards are given the Safety Standard of Excellence mark. As part of the Randstad family, AccuStaff shares this distinction for its safety best practices in the workplace.

What does this mean for AccuStaff clients?
  • Every candidate we place is educated on safety best practices and prepared to work safely
  • Workers are trained to respond promptly if an incident does occur in order to minimize risk
  • Our safety focus reduces risk of workplace incidents, mitigating injuries, illnesses, lost productivity and workers’ compensation costs

As your staffing partner, you can count on AccuStaff to make workplace safety a high priority!